Family photos and keepsakes are
a very special kind of clutter that deserve
a very special kind of organizing.


I'm Heather Moore, a personal and family archivist.
And I can help you organize and preserve your most precious memories. 


Let's get your history organized!

We all have special photos and mementos that we’ve collected or inherited. But so many of them remain hidden in basements in stacks of boxes we say we’ll get to ‘one day’ but never do.

If you’re overwhelmed by the mere thought of trying do it all yourself or you don’t know where to begin — I can help!


Helping busy people organize their personal, professional and family histories is what I do best.

As your personal archivist, I will take all those boxes off your plate … so you can get back to enjoying your life.

I can...

  • catalogue every item in your personal or professional collection, creating a customized, searchable index … so you never have to wonder what you have or where it is.
  • organize, catalogue and preserve your photos, letters, and family or career memorabilia …using professional grade archival materials.
  • digitize all or part of your collection … making it easier to share your memories with family, friends, or colleagues.
  • take your favourite photos, letters, and documents … and create custom, themed photobooks or personal yearbooks.

Every project is unique and customized to suit your specific vision.




Heather was a lifesaver … I can’t even imagine tackling the project without her patient and expert guidance … She is a joy to work with.  

- Sheena M