Photos. Documents. Letters. Heirlooms. Memorabilia.

You’ve inherited it, collected it, created it … but what to do with it all?

You don’t have time. It’s too hard. Too emotional.

Retirement means moving to a smaller home. There are a billion things on your to-do list … but what about all these boxes?

Family photos and keepsakes are a very special kind of clutter that deserve a very special kind of organizing.

Wouldn't you like your most precious memories to be in a state that promotes enjoyment, relaxation, and comfort ... instead of one that stresses you out?



You're in the right place!

Helping busy people organize their personal, professional and family histories is what I do best.

My idea of a blissful work day is sitting in a room, surrounded by boxes that need sorting, organizing, cataloguing and archiving. I’m not kidding. This is my ideal workday.

My mission is to provide my clients with an ‘old school’, tangible, hold-it-in-your-hand, real box on a real shelf, ‘classic’ archiving service.

But really, it's about you being able to enjoy and share what you have without the stress of having to do it all yourself.

A family library. A home collection.

Your own personal archive.

Created by your own personal archivist.

I’m based in Toronto and work primarily in the Greater Toronto Area.

I may also be able to work with you outside of this area or remotely, online.