What is a personal archivist?

Simply put … a professional organizer who specializes in personal memorabilia for an individual or family.

Someone who organizes all that stuff in your attic — or basement, drawers, closet — that you’re too busy or too overwhelmed to deal with or really dig into yourself.

Someone who can take all those boxes off your plate, sort through decades of photos, war-time love letters, newspaper clippings, and assorted keepsakes … so you can get back to enjoying your life.

What about my privacy?

It is a privilege and an honour when you trust me to handle and organize your treasured possessions. I don’t take that privilege lightly. I treat your memories and treasures as I would treat my own.

For more details, check out my privacy and confidentiality policy here.

I am also a proud member and abide by the ethical codes of The Association of Professional Photo Organizers (APPO).

What if I’m not ready to throw something out?

You are not required to throw anything out. And I will not throw anything out on your behalf.

It’s entirely your decision.

I suggest a Limbo Box or Folder for keeping anything you’re reluctant to toss or delete but that you want separate from your primary collection.

Do you organize my thousands and thousands of digital photos?

I focus on digitally-based work in the following areas:

  • scanning photos and documents

  • digitizing negatives and slides

  • arranging for custom prints, enlargements, or contact sheets of digital photos

  • designing custom photobooks from digital and print photos

I do not focus on exclusively digital organizing projects.

But I’d be glad to refer you to colleagues who do.

How much will this cost me?

Most people who work with me have large, ongoing projects, which are broken down into phases, making the process far more manageable than attempting everything in one go.

Because each project is unique in size and scope, cost varies. We work together to determine the extent of the work you want done and at what pace.

I offer a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation.

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