Photo organizing

  • Sorting and organizing print photos by year or theme
  • Clearly labelled storage in archival quality boxes
  • Digitizing photos and documents
  • Basic digital photo organizing and digital storage solutions, including external hard drive, USB flash drive
  • Media conversion, including slides, negatives, cassettes, VHS, 8mm film
  • Custom creation of traditional albums and photobooks
  • DIY resources

Cataloguing & preserving collections

  • Detailed inventory of box and file folder contents
  • Archival preservation of inventoried contents and storage in archival quality boxes
  • Proper handling, scanning and copying of fragile documents
  • Scanning materials for digital sharing and safekeeping
  • Ideal for those with extensive paper-based collections, such as family documents, letters, genealogical and family tree information, news clippings, birth and marriage certificates, notes and journals, etc.

Basic research & resources

  • Help preparing and donating historically relevant documents, photos, and collections to museums, local archives, universities, etc.
  • Basic family history research and help “filling in the blanks”
  • General research, such as library, historical society, local or provincial archives, in-person or online
  • Develop referral and resources for further DIY research
  • Help searching and preparing for biographer and interviewer requests for material
  • Research and resources on basic copyright law

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