Anyone with an overwhelming disorganized collection of personal photos and memorabilia can benefit from the help and expertise of a personal archivist.

My clients tend to be

  • busy professionals and older adults
  • inheritors of the family boxes
  • in the process of downsizing or moving to a new home
  • recently retired
  • overwhelmed by the thought of organizing it all themselves

Curious to know if we'd be a good fit?

Families and Individuals

  • You're too busy and have no time to devote to the work
  • You want your personal and family memories preserved, organized, readily accessible, shareable, and taking up far less space
  • You appreciate the convenience of letting a professional take care of it for you, leaving you free to attend to other matters
  • You’ve inherited boxes from a parent or relative and tackling it feels too overwhelming
  • You’re about to or have recently moved/downsized to a smaller home

Arts and Entertainment Professionals

  • You have a disorganized and growing backlog of work-related multimedia and you want a detailed, searchable, and organized inventory of your collection, including: media clippings, magazines, films and DVDs, cassettes, photos, headshots, promotional materials, props, scripts, correspondence, notes, journals, posters, awards, etc.
  • You're getting requests for archival material and photos for a biography, documentary, or autobiography and you need those materials easily accessible and ready to deliver in a timely manner
  • You want digitized versions of certain items in your collection for saving, sharing, or storing on a dedicated external hard drive
  • You're too busy working, writing, composing, shooting, and just need someone to take care of it all for you
  • You’re donating a large portion of your collection to an institutional archive, but need help preparing and separating donation material from items you want to keep in your own home archive

Sound familiar?